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Our Poughkeepsie Friends Meeting’s Peace and Service Committee composed the following letter for distribution to other Friends Meetings in the United States because of our shared concern over voter rights restrictive laws.  This letter was approved by our Meeting at our Monthly Business Meeting. Please join us by reaching out to your senators in support of voter rights.

Dear fellow Friends,

We are deeply concerned about the many states that have already passed laws that will make it harder to vote.  Our faith teaches us that all people have worth, and this leads us to stand against attempts to limit any eligible voter’s right to exercise their political freedom at the polls.

We are reaching out to Quaker Meetings to ask if you, our fellow Friends, will join our efforts to advance voter rights.  The House of Representatives passed the John Lewis Voter Rights Advancement Act (HR 4) in August. This act does a great deal to address voter restrictive state laws, and we are urging our senators to advance this act. Without this legislation all other legislation we Quakers care about is in danger.  Each of our states’ senators hold the future of this legislation in their hands.  

In 1965 a now-deceased member of our Poughkeepsie Friends Meeting was among those non-violent Civil Rights protesters marching for voter rights across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, AL.  We are saddened that this struggle still continues. Please join us by reaching out to your senators in support of the John Lewis Voter Rights Advancement Act (VRAA) and also in support of the Freedom to Vote Act (S.2747) which complements the VRAA.  There could be no greater tribute to the life’s work of Congressman John Lewis and all those who paid so dearly to gain equitable access to voting rights. May the Light within ALL eligible voters be allowed to shine brightly as they participate in our democracy.

Don Badgley, clerk, Poughkeepsie Friends Meeting, Poughkeepsie, NY

Friends can easily contact their elected officials on this concern by visiting   https://fcnl.quorum.us/campaign/35752/?utm_source=fcnlaction



Sunday December 5, 2021 10am

A Celebration of Life at the Poughkeepsie Friends Meeting House

249 Hooker Avenue, Poughkeepsie, NY

In September of this year, the Poughkeepsie Friends Meeting  relocated its Meeting for Worship to the campus of Oakwood Friends School https://www.oakwoodfriends.org/

On December 5th, the Meeting will celebrate with gratitude the years since the first Meeting for Worship in 1929 when the Meeting House on Hooker Avenue first opened its doors.   The Celebration will begin at 10am with Meeting for Worship (in-person & on Zoom) followed by a sharing of memories and a bring-you-own lunch. Hot drinks will be provided. All are welcome   

Please note:
There will be no Meeting for Worship at Oak Friends School on Dec. 5